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NCC Statement Concerning COVID-19

To the NCC Congregation


This is just a short message updating you about what will be happening at NCC over these indeterminable number of weeks/months:


Since the State of Wisconsin has banned gatherings of more than 10 people and since this ban isn’t because of Church Persecution but merely for our protection, we will be respecting and obeying our authorities as the Scriptures indicate (Rom. 13:7).  This is not something that anyone in the church leadership has dealt with before, so we ask for your prayers of wisdom and patience.  Thus, we will not be gathering for church on Sundays or the usual Bible Studies throughout the week (family and ladies) for the next few weeks. However, God has brought this virus to us in a unique time. For whilst technology can never replace the joy of a face to face encounter with your fellow believers (2 John 12), technology is the next best tool we have to help each other with our sanctification.


Therefore, we are planning on doing the following:


  1. Even though we will not gather corporately on Sundays for the next few weeks/months, we hope to livestream the sermon at 10:30am on Sundays through Facebook. If this changes, we will let you know. Now, we understand that there are those in the church who do not have Facebook, so we ask that if you know of someone in that situation, that you consider helping them (having them over at your house or helping them set it up for the duration of this quarantine). Additionally, the sermon will still be available for listening on this site.
  2. We hope to still do an online Bible Study on Thursdays, hopefully starting next week (March 26). The Bible study will be done through an app called zoom As soon as we have figured out how it all works, we can assist you in getting it to work. Zoom is an interesting program in that it allows the viewers to see exactly what is on the teacher’s computer. It is used in many colleges and even seminaries as a way for students to see the teacher work through the text whilst commentating along the way. This means that we will not be completing our current study on Behold Your God at this time. There was only one lesson left, so when the quarantine lifts, we can finish it together.
  3. We haven’t decided exactly what we shall be doing for Resurrection (Easter) weekend if the quarantine is still undergoing at that time.
  4. If you are low on essential supplies, or need assistance in doing anything, please contact Jeff Longsine who will be our pointman. His email is: and his number is: 262 989 4354
  5. Please use this time to contact each other. For many people in our church, the church is their only family.
  6. For those of you who still want to give your cheerful, freewill offerings, feel free to mail (check only) them to the church.


If you have any questions/suggestions please feel free to contact us


Romans 11:36 “For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever, Amen.”




New Online Bible Study
New Online Bible Study

As of March 26th, we shall be having a Bible Study on Zoom. Hopefully I can answer some of your questions about this app and Bible Study

Q: What is Zoom?

A:  According to Wikipedia: Zoom Video Communications is a remote conferencing services company headquarted in San Jose, California. It provides a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat and mobile collaboration

Q: What do I need in order to get it and to use it?

A: You will require an internet connection along with either a phone or computer. If you wish to talk, then you will have to make sure your microphone on your device works.

Q: Where do I get it from?

A: If you are using a phone, you will require the app. If you are using a computer, you will require the installation provided for you on the website.

Q: Now that I have downloaded the app/install what do I do?

A: You will need to create a quick account by using your email and a password. You will then need to verify that email by clicking the link they send to you.

Q: It is installed, now what?

A: Test to see if your audio and/or your microphone works.

Q: It all works, how do I join the Bible study?

A: A Group meeting ID will be sent out to the church. You will find the button that says Join a Meeting, and there you will type in that meeting ID. Once you are in the meeting, we shall wait to see if anyone else is having any problems joining. We shall then begin shortly.

Q: What are we studying?

A: We shall be doing a study on the Word of God (Bibliology)

Q: What time is it?

A: The meeting shall begin around 5:45pm on Thursday nights. That shall be enough time for people to figure out what to do and join.

Q: What can I do in the meantime?

A: You can pray that the virus will end soon and we can resort back to our normal in person Bible Study. You can pray that the Bible Study will glorify God. You can install Zoom and get it figured out before Thrusday Night. You can check to see if anyone else requires assistance getting it to work.

Q: Can I invite other people?

A: Yes. They will just require the app and the meeting ID

Q: How long shall it be?

A: The first lesson shall be a shot in the dark. I have no idea how long the current format will take. But I would at least give yourself an hour.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: First, see if Google can answer your question. If Google is unable, please email Franco


Northside Calvary Church in Racine, Wisconsin, invites you to come and worship with us. We love to study God's Word, worship Him, and fellowship together.

We are committed to studying, understanding and applying God's truth to our lives. 

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