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Updated NCC Statement Concerning COVID-19


To the NCC Congegation


As many of you know, there is new state wide order requiring individuals across the state of Wisconsin, to wear masks in specific areas. Whilst there are exceptions to the rule, general church attendance, is not one of them.


We would like to encourage everyone at NCC to be compliant with this order since we are called to be good citizens in this world (Rom. 13:1-7). The conseqeunces of not being

a good citizen is that it gives a voice to foolish people to deride the church (1 Pet. 2:15). Now it is true that there are times when the church must disobey the government

and obey God instead (Acts 5:29), but at this time, it does not seem like wearing a mask is one of those times.



Now wearing a mask is certainly not ideal nor enjoyable, but if wearing it is what God would want of us, then it must be for our spiritual good. However, whilst we are encouraging attendees to be odedient to the governing authorities, at the same time, since we as a church are not the governing authorities, we are not enforcing the rule. There will be times when the wearing of the mask is neither healthy nor helpful for the Christian work. Thus, there is a lot of understanding and grace here.


We ask that on Sundays and at Bible studies, you come with a heart of worship. Do not let the wearing of a mask cause your heart to sin. Do not let anger take over your heart as you wear one. Do not let pride take over your heart if you choose not to wear one. Do not let idolatry take over your heart as you place your trust in one.


The Christian life is so much more than masks. Let us move beyond the issues of the world and on to glorifying our God!


The following implementations are still applicable:

  1. Those who have cold/flu like symptoms are encouraged to stay at home.
  2. There will be hand sanitizer made available in the foyer for those who need.
  3. We are encouraging people to spread out in the sanctuary. There are additional seats available in the foyer as well as a speaker in the basement
  4. We shall not be passing around the offering plates. Instead, we are going to have a safety box set in one spot whereby you can distribute your offering inside at any time.
  5. We shall keep the front door open during the entire service
  6. We encourage people to bring their own bible to church

If you have any questions: Please feel free to contact us


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